Saturday, February 7, 2015

How to Blend Essential Oils For Natural Beauty and Soap Making

In the process of soap or cosmetic making, many essential oils are blended together to give women the natural beauty she craves for. This whole process itself requires considerable skill and talent as different kinds of fragrances as well as products having medicinal properties have to be blended in certain prescribed proportion only. On many occasions, different blends require many trials even before they are finalized.

The essential oils that make the blends are floral, resin, earthy, spicy, citrus, medicinal or herbaceous oils. Essential oils are characterized on the basis of their aromatic effects-top note, middle note as well as bottom/base note.

Once classification is established and learned it will be much easier to blend different scents and oil properties. But their are some things you should know before you start the blending process.

First, it is very important to make sure that your oils are pure and fresh. It is also important to make sure you are using the appropriate oil because each oil has different requirements and necessities associated with it. The oil should be pure as well as of good quality, and not fragrance oil (fragrance oils are much different than essential oils). You also require small glass bottles with tight caps, diffusers as well as carrier oils. To start with you can make use of the floral oils; these oils can be blended very easily and also give the results we long cherish. You can blend floral oils with citrus, spicy as well as woodsy oils. These woodsy oils can easily get blended with different kinds of oils in different categories.

Besides it is suggested not to have many blends constituting spicy and citrus oils, as they can cause difficulty in blending and also don't give that aromatic effect as we desire. It is also important to know that while blending, oils are to be added in drops to ensure not to have more than requisite blending. Ratio of blending is 30-35 per cent for the top note, between 40-50 per cent for middle note, and bottom/base note in the quantity of 20-25 per cent.

For diluting a mixture, a general ratio for 1 tablespoon of your desired carrier oil is 2 to 5 drops of essential oils. Once they are ready, you need to store it in tightly capped bottle preventing any kind of contamination, mishandling as well as leaking. If blend is very strong then it is all the more necessary to add some quantity of carrier oil to the mixture for diluting your natural beauty product or soap a little.

There might be some occasions where you will find certain blends smelling wonderfully while some very medicinal, spicy or too strong. It is better to note down each essential oil blend as it will help you in recreating the blend in future.