Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Fundamental Nature of Beauty

Facial cosmetics, powders, perfumes and skin products sell like hotcakes in the market today. These arrays of beauty products make a woman marvel for a gem of a find, inadvertently careless in taking into consideration the harmful effects.

If a beauty product results with a "wow-effect", it is but natural for a woman to care less for any harmful effect. The woman will go for it no matter what.

For all the women to know, most of the cosmetics for the face and body, which are the best selling beauty products of all time, produce toxic reactions in the skin especially when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Sunlight helps open the skin pores which then makes way for the toxins and chemicals coming from facial cosmetics be absorbed and carried in the bloodstreams.

The misdeeds of letting the toxins and chemicals enter the body is a clear indication that woman has tried to become her own killer. The woman ignores the danger for the sake of being beautiful in the eyes of the public.

However, the recent events of beauty products scare pave the way for the manufacturers to produce beauty products that will no longer harm the user. There are now products that are safe for human use and likewise friend to the environment.

It is no longer right to say that woman has gone far in alienating herself from her natural environment. Woman has now learned to live as naturally as possible and she now shows concern not only of her beauty, but more for the preservation of the environment.

With the fresh mandate of natural beauty inside and out, it is now right to conclude that woman no longer is a casualty of her wanting to be beautiful, but rather she is an example of a beauty with a keen eye to good health.

To shun the inevitable beauty anxiety, always remember to put things in its right order.