Monday, January 27, 2014

Genetically Modified Ingredients and Cosmetics

The meat and dairy sections of your local supermarket are not the only places GMO (genetically modified) ingredients show up. Beauty products often contain plant or animal ingredients with GMO derivatives.

Genetically modified organisms are plants and animals that have had specific changes introduced into their DNA through genetic engineering techniques. These modifications serve to yield higher crops or growth, or to insert a certain trait, like natural pesticide.

Still, the future results of manipulating nature are yet to be seen. Eating GMO foods have been known to disrupt the healthy bacteria in our intestines. These tiny bacteria are part of our immune system and help to protect us from disease. Even after we digest the contaminated food our bodies continue to produce pesticides from the altered food. The antibiotics in GM foods have the potential to build resistance to bacteria and could be responsible for the onset of superbugs.

While the verdict on the health and environmental risks from GMO crops is still out, avoiding GMO foods seems like a move in the right direction. Cosmetics products made with ingredients from GM crops are also good to steer clear of, but this is easier said than done.

Organic crops in the US are consistently testing positive for GMO cross-contamination. Cross-pollination from neighboring farms, GMO seed mixed in with organic seed, and misrepresentation of GMO products for organic to warrant higher prices are all to blame for the problem of cross-contamination. The most common GMO-grown crops are: Soybeans, Corn, Cotton, Hawaiian Papaya, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Rapeseed (Canola), Sugar cane, Sugar beet, Sweet corn, Rice.

Currently in Europe the only GMO crop grown is maize, approved in 1998 to be used as feed for livestock. No new GM crops have been approved for cultivation in Europe since then. Europe is not united on GMO acceptance, with several countries (France, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and Greece) banning the practice.

There is currently no law set in the US to test for GMO in organic crops and end products. The USDA has taken a position of non-accountability where GMO contamination is concerned, yet they certify organic cosmetics with the Certified Organic seal.

Because of cross-contamination of corn crops, some companies like Lavera, choose to use talc rather than cornstarch. Pure talc is a safe, naturally-occurring, nontoxic mineral that causes no skin reactions or irritations. Low-grade talc used in some cosmetics products came to light as an ingredient of concern due to asbestos contamination. All talc used in Lavera products are pharmaceutical grade, considered the purest form of talc, and asbestos free. In accordance to BDIH certification requirements, all of our products such as our natural makeup and organic skin care products are GMO free.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to Organize Jewelry and Cosmetics to Save Space in Bedrooms and Bathrooms

When we look at our bedrooms or bathrooms, we tend to focus on the big things: clothes, the bed, towels; and the other items that we consider part of the room like lamps or alarm clocks. When we decide to clean or organize these rooms, we then spend most of our time dealing with these big things.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but you can often save more space by organizing the little things. Things like jewelry, cosmetics and toiletries all end up taking over sections of your counter because individually they are pretty small. But if you look at the amount of space that these items take up as a group, then you realize that you are actually losing a lot of space.


Cosmetics are a perfect example of small items taking up big space. I don't want to single out women, so we can also include guy's stuff like men's cologne and moisturizer in this group. If you take a look at your bathroom counter or the top of your dresser, you will probably see a lot of these things just sitting there. Usually these things end up where they are because you used them one night and then didn't properly put them away.

3 Steps to Organize Cosmetics

  1. Pull everything together -Take a basket (or even a bucket) and put all your makeup into it. Now look at what you've got and decide if all these things should be grouped together. If you have dozens of lipsticks or use perfume regularly, then you might want to have a separate space for them.

  2. Sort the good from the bad-How much of your makeup is so out of style that you know you'll never wear it again? How many almost-empty nail polish remover bottles did you find in the back of the bathroom cabinet? If you can't use it or you have more than you need, then either throw it away or give it away.

  3. Get a cosmetics organizer or a drawer organizer that you can use to keep this stuff together. Your best approach is to have a small organizer on your counter or dresser for the things you use regularly (e.g. favorite shades, brushes, hair dryer) and then a larger organizer or multiple organizers for the stuff you only need occasionally or seasonally. The larger organizer can be put in the back of the closet.

If you have completed all 3 steps, then you should have a smaller and well-organized cosmetics collection. If you can be consistent about putting things away and repeat these step 2-3 times per year, then you'll find that your bathroom and/or bedroom is much more organized. Imagine how much time you'll save over the course of the year if you don't have to scrounge around in drawers every time you need mascara.


Organizing your jewelry is doubly-important because it has real value. You lose some makeup, then you are out may $10 or $20 dollars, but you lose earrings or a bracelet and you could be out hundreds. Jewelry tends to be better managed than cosmetics, but you will still leave it all over the place and it will take up space over time. That's why you always seem to be missing a couple of earrings (no, it's not jewelry gnomes) and you may have a hard time accessorizing your outfit.

4 Steps to Organize Jewelry

  1. Sort everything: take the time to sort your earrings into their proper pairs, to put sets (e.g. necklace & earrings) together and then lay everything out on a table or dresser.

  2. Differentiate the precious stuff from the everyday items. You can do this by cost, but also think about the pieces that are most important to you--just because its costume jewelry doesn't mean it's not an important piece to you.

  3. Clean everything. I know this doesn't seem like an organizing step, but trust me that cleaning will help you really appreciate your collection. If you take the time to use the proper cleaning supplies and then looking at everything in good lighting, then it will make you feel good, teach you how much jewelry you have, and probably give you a new appreciation for some older pieces.

  4. Put it away: This seems simple, but having the right home jewelry storage is essential. If you wear jewelry regularly, then look for a clear case so you can find things quickly. If you have a really large collection then consider a jewelry armoire or a wall rack if you don't have a lot of space. Some types of jewelry like watches have their own special cases. And very expensive pieces should either be stored in a home safe or a safety deposit box at a bank.

When you've completed steps 1-4, you will have a beautiful, well-organized collection that is easy to browse and also takes up less space. Make it a point to put things back in the correct organizer when you come home and you may only have to go through this process once or twice per year.


You'll notice that my tips are not very exotic. It comes down to knowing what you have, taking care of it and putting it away. It's a very simple formula, but it makes life a lot easier. You will find that by reducing small clutter, you have more room for you and your stuff. You can also apply similar thinking to any room in your home (take a look at your kitchen).

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Beauty and Style That Will Get You Noticed

Beauty has no exact definition, as different people are beautiful in different ways, owing to looks or styles unique to each personality. Beauty is a quality that always gives pleasure to the beholder, generates positive energy and holds aesthetic values that are immeasurable.

What is style? Style is the appearance of a person, characterized by their expressions, personality, mannerisms and most importantly, their taste in cloths and accessories. In other words, style defines a person's beauty as much as natural appeal, especially in today's world.

Beauty and style is a very important aspect in today's society. Everybody likes to be noticed, especially women. We all like to indulge ourselves in order to be noticed for beauty and style.

What makes someone stand out from a regular person? Read on to learn a few tips on beauty and style that will help get you noticed in a crowd.

Stay in Fashion

Stay up to date on latest trends, and apply them in your day to day fashion, enhancing it with your own personal touch. But never forget to make sure to stay within limits that suite your body shape and style. Look for cloths that accentuate your good features, and cover those you want to hide, while not forgetting to keep in with the latest trends. Match your accessories accordingly, opting for popular picks, yet selections that are unique to your style and personality.

Enhance Your Beauty

Cloths definitely defines your style, but cosmetics help enhance it. Choose the correct make-up that matches your skin tones and highlights your best features. Use regular skincare creams to protect the youth of your skin and maintains its healthy glow. Choose a perfume that matches your personality, applying it subtly, yet sparingly.

Give attention to your hands and feet, not just your face. Use nail polish that matches your skin tones, apply a regular hand cream and manicure your nails to match your finger shape. Spend extra time on your feet, using foot scrubs and regular pedicures to help keep them stylish and healthy.

Hair Care

Hair is a crowning glory, with the correct guidance, you can turn it to your most radiant feature. It is an eye catcher in fashion, and styling it to suite your face while keeping in with the latest fashion can be very rewarding. It is a definite bonus to get you noticed.

But, most important of all is maintaining the health of your hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner regularly, selecting the kind that suites the type of hair you have. Regular oil massages, hair tonics and other vitamins that preserve the moisture in your hair will definitely help add that extra shine to your hair that will never go unnoticed.

Dress Accordingly

Wear your outfits according to the occasion. Elegant and attractive for a cocktail, alluring and graceful for a dinner party, smart and professional for a business meeting, colorful and sunny for a picnic and casual and comfortable for shopping. Dressing to match your surroundings will always get you noticed in a positive manner. It depicts a down to earth personality which is always a plus point. Where you can go out of your way for a special occasion, overdoing it for a simple errand like a supermarket visit can easily make you stand out and attract negative criticism.

Exercise Regularly

Fitness is very much a part of fashion. To look beautiful and stylish, you have to maintain a healthy, well formed body. Regular exercise helps revitalize your skin and make it healthy and shine. Exercise as a regular practice also means there is no necessity to diet as your body weight is maintained at a healthy average.

Eat Healthy

Eat healthy food as a regular practice. Where as indulgence on occasion is acceptable, if you try to eat healthy as much as you can, whenever possible, it will definitely show off in your looks. Having more vegetables and fruits in your diet will help improve your skin tones, rid you of excess fat and give you a clear complexion. It has been proven that healthy eating is a better path for a slim body than dieting.

Cleanse your Mind

A happy person always looks better than a worried, unhappy one. In other words your moods definitely reflect on your looks. Make it a point to let go of worries until you deal with them and cleanse your mind of unwanted weights. Be content with what you are and what you have and your beauty will definitely improve.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Online Cosmetic Stores: Beauty And The Beautiful!

Jean Kerr once said, "I'm tired of all this non sense about beauty being only skin-deep. That's deep enough. What do you want, an adorable pancreas?" If beauty is indeed skin deep, cosmetics can help you a great deal in enhancing it. Seriously speaking, no matter how naturally gifted we may be, cosmetics would always be required. In this case, the more you have, the more you want!

Cosmetic stores in UK hardly ever experience a lean patch. But as competition reached its zenith and with the advent of all major cosmetic players in UK, they have to be on their toes all the time. Another serious blow was dealt to them as online buying of cosmetics became a trend. In recent times, e-shops selling cosmetics and cashback portals have been proving to be stiff competition for the high street retailers. The fact is recognized and the battle lines are drawn!

Of late, all leading cosmetic merchants in UK, such as Avon, Clarins, St Tropez, Clinique, Guerlain, Bourjois, and L´Oreal have made their presence felt in the web space. They sell all kinds of makeup, skincare, bodycare, haircare, bath and shower essentials at much discounted rates for their online customers. Moreover, the cashback portals not just offer you cheap cosmetics, but huge cashback as well as a reward for shopping with them.

In such a scenario, it is not strange for the high street retailers to feel the heat and press the panic button. They too join the fray and rest assured, there's gonna be just one winner and that is--You!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sense Cosmetics ShadowSense Instructions

My customer, Barb is purchasing ShadowSense for the 1st time. ShadowSense is very unique multi-purpose product. It is much like LipSense because it is water proof, smear proof and crease proof. It is a cream with incredible blending capability although it takes very little to achieve a deep depth of color. Once you get use to the application technique of applying Shadow Sense...You will never go back to powder shadows.

Make sure you start off with a clean dry lid unless you are using one of our shadows (candlelight or malt are perfect for this purpose) or Make Sense Foundations to create a more even base. I prefer to place a very small amount of shadow on my hand to start. Use a brush or sponge applicator to pick up a very small amount. DO NOT USE THE WAND ITSELF TO APPLY TO YOUR EYE! Apply on your lid in a sweeping motion and blend to the color you want to achieve. Ebony Essence is a GREAT eyeliner. I apply it with a eyeliner brush although many of my customers use our Lip liner applicators to achieve a perfect lined eye.

Please feel free to contact me for further glamor techniques when applying ShadowSense.

My customer, Barb is purchasing ShadowSense for the 1st time. ShadowSense is very unique multi-purpose product. It is much like LipSense because it is water proof, smear proof and crease proof. It is a cream with incredible blending capability although it takes very little to achieve a deep depth of color. Once you get use to the application technique of applying Shadow Sense...You will never go back to powder shadows.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Beautiful Smiles Are Achieved With Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry

There is a lot of talk about orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is becoming much more popular as people want to look their best and want to make the best appearance possible to those around them. Orthodontics, in retrospect, fills a specific dental need. There is most often a medical issue that needs to be resolved through the use of braces or other methods.

Invisalign is an option that more and more people are considering for both cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics. A cosmetic dentist will often recommend this method of treatment for patients that are worried about the cosmetic aspect of orthodontics or dentistry. They want to appear as normal as possible and traditional metal braces just do not provide this discreet option. Invisalign uses clear plastic trays that are almost completely invisible. Most people do not even know that someone is being treated with Invisalign just by looking at them. You get the same results as with traditional orthodontic treatment, but without the aesthetic issues that occur with the common treatment methods. While Invisalign is usually more costly than traditional braces, most people find it well worth the extra expense when thinking in terms of their overall appearance.

Orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry treat a wide array of different conditions. There are treatment options and different appliances for each unique situation. Children, teenagers, and adults can all be treated through orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. It was long believed that braces were just for teenagers. However, due to a recent increase in the focus on appearances and social status, more and more adults are turning to their cosmetic dentist for themselves and their children to help them have a more perfect smile and to fit in better and appear normal. Talking with your dentist can help you determine the best solution for your particular situation and orthodontic needs.

With orthodontics, teeth are physically moved through the use of braces to properly align them. If there is a problem with crooked teeth or teeth that are not properly placed in the mouth, orthodontics is usually the best treatment. This is due to the fact that the teeth are actually moved into the correct place and the problem is resolved. With cosmetic dentistry, the problem is simply hid and a normal appearance is given. Over time, the problem can get worse and treatment could be harder later on in life.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Iris Beauty Products For the Best Beauty and Skin Care Experience

When it comes to taking care of our appearance, nothing else will do but the best beauty products you can find. If you have not found the right cosmetics for you yet, then give Iris beauty products a try. The company may not be so famous as cosmetic giants like Estee Lauder or Max Factor, but its products are just as excellent in quality. Iris beauty products can do wonders for your hair, face, and entire body.

Perhaps the most popular among Iris beauty products is the Irish seaweed extract, a unique combination of the rejuvenating and therapeutic effects of Irish seaweed, various marine extracts, and other excellent quality ingredients. This exfoliating scrub is designed for men and women alike.

Nadur Organics Company is perhaps the largest retailer of a wide selection of Irish products. Aside from distributing Iris beauty products, Nadur Organics manufacture them as well.

Their products are primarily made of organic and natural ingredients that are proven safe and effective on human skin. If you are particular about what ingredients are used in your cosmetics, then Iris products are for you. They are the perfect botanical and natural alternative to chemical-laden commercial products that can easily be bought in any store today. You can check the labels of any Iris product to know that they use only the finest natural and organic ingredients to nurture your hair, face, and skin, and to make sure that they do not contain substances that you are allergic to. Their products are specially designed to take good care of men and women with different hair and skin types.

Thousands of Iris beauty and skin care product companies, as well as their most experienced distributor, Nadur Organics Company, are scattered all over the United States and Canada. Just go to your nearest local retailer of Iris beauty products for the best beauty and skin care experience.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Are Expensive Cosmetics Worth the Money?

So, are expensive cosmetics worth the money? My quick and most direct response is "NO. Expensive cosmetics are not worth the money!" Now allow me, if you will, to expound and explain myself in more detail and I should like to do it in chronological order.

For the most part, you first hear of an expensive cosmetic product from advertisements. You see it displayed in bigger-than-life proportions on roadside billboards; you glimpse it in glittering neon lighting suspended from high-rising buildings; you spot it on posters affixed to public walls as well as to commuter buses and trains as it is being featured next to a flawless young fashion model; you hear it praised on the radio and you see it endorsed by movie icons who promise miraculous results on your television set. Over a period of time, the sum total of these ads subliminally plant biased seeds of awareness.

Your next encounter with the expensive cosmetic product is most likely to occur when you are out shopping for cosmetics and spy it on a prominent display shelf or, like a royal crown jewel, behind a sparkling glass casing. Whether you are aware of it or not, you experience an "aha" moment as the seeds of awareness planted by the advertising sprout a few proverbial leaves of further awareness. You are compelled to approach it for a closer face to face meeting and you are amazed and totally electrified by its impressive fancy wrapping and stirred by its strikingly elegant casing. This is true "love at first sight" and you must have it. Yes, its price tag may raise a cringe or two but you quickly justify it by recounting all its marvelous qualities as you had learned them so well from its advertisers.

With excitement and pride you take ownership of your newly found treasure and you gently escort it home for a first glorious application. "My old cosmetics now seem so very drab next to this beauty," you mutter to yourself as you gingerly open it and take a quick whiff of its rich scent, "Mmmmm!" On an impulse you even glance at the listed ingredients on its gilded label pasted on its backside and beneath its suggestive name. There seems to be nothing special about the ingredients. It contains no strikingly exotic included. As a matter of fact, the ingredients seem to be no different than those listed on your old cosmetic products. But no, it can't be. Ah, but it is!

You have just paid for the advertisements that introduced you to this expensive product to begin with, you have just paid for its eye-catching and passion- inducing outward appearance and you have just paid for the privilege of having it displayed apart from all the other cosmetics on an extra special shelving unit. The cosmetic product within is quite similar if not entirely identical to the cheap products you had been using thus far.

So, having heard all that you have, I trust that you will arrive at the same conclusion about expensive cosmetic products. And the conclusion is that, unless you have money to burn and unless you are looking for decorative items to beautify shelves in your home, expensive cosmetic products are not worth the money. What makes them expensive is not their extraordinary ingredients but the fact that their manufacturers and marketers spend lavishly on their advertising and on packaging and are, therefore, forced to pass those expanses on to naïve customers who have been persuaded to part with their hard earned money.