Monday, August 4, 2014

Make-Up and Cosmetic Tips That Enhance Black and White Photography Images

Black and white photography images are usually enhanced with the use of make-up and other cosmetic techniques. This makes the quality of the images to be very good because the subject is made to look more beautiful than they really are. Another very important thing that make-ups and other cosmetic treatments do to black and white photo subjects is that it makes the light distribution on the subject's face and body to be evenly distributed. Hence, the images come out nicely without any serious blemishes. Some of the items that are used for enhancing the subject's appearance are considered below.

Face Powder

There are facial powders of diverse variants. This is used for beautifying the face by rubbing the powder evenly on the face with an applicator that is like a little piece of foam or soft material. The powders are made from diverse sources and normally come in different colours. Some of them are quite expensive while several others are cheap and can be affordable by the average person. The use of powder in black and white photos helps in enhancing the facial appearance of the subject by ensuring that there is even distribution of light across the face, and it also helps in getting rid of sweat and other features on the subject's face that may affect the way the picture looks.

Lips Stick/ Lips Gloss

Lip gloss is used for lips primarily to soften the lips and prevent them from becoming dry especially as a result of environmental factors. This also helps in making the subject's lips to look bright in the picture. Lip sticks and gloss can be very varied, they come in different colours and anyone can use any colour as they please. But it is always advisable to use the type of lip stick which the colour is complimentary with the skin of the subject and their clothing in order not to create a colour riot.

Eye Pencils

Eye pencils are usually used on the eye brows and occasionally on the eye lashes. They are commonly made in black colour but there are also other colours available. Some of these pencils can be very expensive but there are always other types that are not so expensive. The pencils are used in creating lines or patterns that make the subject become very attractive. This helps the photographer to produce images that are very attractive and beautiful. In order to maximise the benefits available in black and photography through cosmetics, many photographers usually have a small cosmetic corner in their studio for their clients to use in order to be beautiful.