Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Perfume and Cosmetics - Finding Your Scent

Every woman wants to be unique. They want to apply their cosmetics differently as well as smell different. They want their perfume to be their scent. Luckily, there are a variety of different types of perfume out there so every woman can feel and smell different.

Finding the right smell for yourself is almost like finding your soul mate. The search is long and hard, but the results are rewarding. It takes time and effort to find the right one for you. You have try on perfume after perfume at the cosmetics store; sniffing, sniffing until you find the perfect smell for you. When your search is over, you feel like a new person; revived and new. You have now what you like to call "your scent."

It is true that you become your scent. Once you wear your perfume for long enough, people start to associate that smell with you. Then, when someone else wears the same smell, it always reminds them of you. Countless times you will meet someone and wonder who they remind you of, or who they smell like. Majority of the time you will have a friend who wears the same scent.

Picking a perfume or body spray involves your own tastes and preferences. It just depends on what type of smell you like the best. There are so many to choose from. Pick a day when you have lots of time to go to a cosmetics counter in a department store. Bring along a friend if that will help you choose, and have lots of patience.

There are a variety of different types of smell out there; a few common ones to choose from, and some less common. You might like a classic flowery type of perfume. It ranges in different sweet flower smells. There is also a classic fruit smell. You can get a citrus or apple orchard smell. You can get a lemony or melon smell. The options are endless.

There is also the classic vanilla scent; a strong vanilla smell, with a beautiful touch of sweetness. All these different smells are great for body sprays. There are also more classic perfume smells to choose from as well.

There are a variety of brands out there with all different names and fragrances. These perfume names can go anywhere along the line of "sweet sunshine" or "endless moonlight". While their name might not actually remind you of the moon per se, there is definitely a unique smell that they are trying to portray to you in each bottle of perfume. There are more subtle smells, and there are stronger ones. There are sweet smells, or even ones with a spicy tinge to it. People usually pick according to their personality. You may relate more to being the light and airy type. Or, you may like have that strong distinct smell. No matters, as long as it is a good solid smell that is not over the top or overly offensive, you can't really go wrong! Finding your smell should be a joyous experience for you; because in a sense you are finding yourself!