Monday, March 24, 2014

Misconceptions About Cosmetic Chemicals

Everyone likes taking care of how they look. If that wasn't so, none of us would care about what to wear everyday or spend time in hair salons, etc. On a similar note, who wouldn't like healthier hair? Most people, especially women spend a lot of money on hair care products.

Research reveals that most women in Africa decide upon buying beauty products like moisturizers, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc. depending upon the fragrance they carry. Apparently the fragrance of flowers, lime and other refreshing fragrances are in demand. But the fact is that the better the scent in the product the worse it is for the scalp and hair. But there are a few consumers becoming conscious about reading the ingredients mentioned at the back of the pack. One of the ingredients they stay away from is any kind of alcohol in beauty products.

Many people think of alcohol as a bad ingredient. Alcohol causes much harm when consumed. Thus wouldn't it harm your hair? This ingredient if included to your products could surely dry your hair. Well it turns out that some kind of alcohol used in products is good for your scalp. Take for example a fatty alcohol like Cetyl alcohol, a bulk chemical supplied to Africa: An ingredient such as Cetyl alcohol normally added to beauty products is generally extracted from natural sources.

This ingredient has a good amount of carbon giving it an oily texture. For those worried about this ingredient harming dry skin and scalp, you should know that Cetyl alcohol helps prevent moisture loss. Thus it is widely used in conditioners, giving your hair luster and making it easier to comb through.