Monday, December 30, 2013

The Secrets Behind a Beautiful Face

We use plenty of different criteria to evaluate whether someone is beautiful or not, and those same criteria can work for or against us when others are determining whether they see us as beautiful. The first reason people perceive someone as beautiful is obviously natural beauty. Natural beauty cannot entirely be replicated by good management or plastic surgery. Many actresses and models have pretty faces, but they often spoil them with the use of intensive man-made cosmetic products that often work against their main purpose and even seem to destroy these women's features.

Sometimes, these effects are not immediately obvious, and for most of us a small amount of makeup is an asset. Most of us only put on makeup on special occasions once or twice a week, or maybe a month, and this does not damage our skin as extensively as compared to those who put it on almost every other night.

If you look at an actress or model without her daily dose of cosmetic products, you would barely recognize her. This is because man-made cosmetic products contain lots of chemicals and substances that,even though they provide temporary beauty, in the long term tend to destroy the freshness and health of your skin. So, how can you wear makeup in healthy ways?

First, limit yourself to wearing makeup only "sometimes." If you must absolutely apply make up to your face, do not do it so often. Take a break every so often; anything done to excess can be damaging for your self esteem, and makeup is no exception. If you need to apply skin care products, try to use products made from herbal solutions that are proven to be mild and beneficial. Because herbal products contain natural ingredients, they often pose fewer risks of creating side effects that might be damaging for your skin.

Second, in order to bring about true beauty on your face, you must also wash it every day in the morning and evening, and more often if you tend to sweat or are under a lot of stress. If you are at work, and feel that you are tired of sitting before the monitor for such long hours, just get up and go wash your face thoroughly with a mild facial soap. Before eating, when you go to wash your hands, wash your face, too. Just make sure that you provide ample cleansing to your face and compensate for the washing by applying moisturizer (or a moisturizing sunscreen) once or twice a day.

More cleansing plus more moisturizing is better than under-cleansing because frequent washing is important to remove dirt, dead skin, and toxins that damage skin's healthy glow. Be especially careful to moisturize before sleep every night to ensure soft skin and a more attractive look in the morning.

Third, a walk every morning and evening can have dramatic and surprising improvements for the skin. Because so many skin problems result from stress, mentally refreshing yourself in the morning can benefit your skin indirectly. Even more importantly, because your skin literally "breathes" by taking in oxygen throughout the day. A morning walk will also help begin the day right for your skin by allowing it to take in pollution free air and get a few minutes of healthy sun exposure before the workday.

Fourth, your diet should also be well balanced, as an improper diet is an extremely common factor in common skin problems. Your skin needs to be nourished internally by a healthy diet as well as externally by nutrient-rich creams, and eating too much junk food can cause problems like spots and skin discoloration.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Beauty and Hygiene On The Go: Easy Ways To Travel And Still Look Fabulous

The dread having to figure out how tote toiletries in a compact yet easily accessible fashion makes most of us simply do without our favorite beauty essentials. The time wasted with packing and unpacking full-sized bottles, or worse yet, spending money on travel-sized imitation products leave us unsatisfied and angry that we don't have what we need on hand to make us look and feel our best.

Follow these quick and easy tips and you'll never have to travel on that cross-country flight or jet to an after-work dinner date or back to the office after a lunchtime workout without access to the products and toiletries you need the most.

~ If your favorite shampoo, conditioner, lotion, aftershave or mouthwash doesn't come in a travel size or is too expensive to purchase, fill and pack Nalgene's 1 or 2oz round bottles, vials or jars. Leak-proof, bpa-free and inexpensive, there's even a dropper-style bottle great for contact solution or hair smoothing serums.

~ Always stash extra mints in your purse, car console or gym bag for situations where whipping out mouthwash or a toothbrush isn't possible. Gum can melt and stick to the inside of gym bags or a briefcase and is hard to get rid of. Altoids Smalls are potent yet compact enough for even the smallest of evening bags or the inside of suit pocket.

~ It's never a good situation when toilet paper is missing from the airport or airplane stall. While pocket-sized tissues are the perfect size for a sneeze, Charmin now makes a travel-sized compact role of bathroom tissue. Stash a roll in a carry-on for long cross-country or international flights and then put it in a purse during long days of sightseeing or shopping away from a hotel.

~ T3 makes an incredible line of compact hairdryers and straighteners with built in power converters so there's no need for the additional bulkiness of a separate converter. Powerful yet efficient, save money by using them as your daily go-to hair styling tools

~ Perfume and cologne - when available in travel sizes - is expensive. Bottles are made so that most cannot be refilled, but now, thanks to atomizers that not only easily fill with your favorite fragrance and are compact enough for stashing in a gym bag, purse, carry on or briefcase, you'll never have to be without your favorite scents. Both the Flo and the Travalo are ideal for this purpose and fit into the even the smallest of evening bags.

~ Lipsticks are hard to prevent from melting and when you want to have a few colors handy, multiple color palettes are the best way to go. But if your favorite lipstick has broken in the tube or is down to a hard-to-apply nub, before tossing it out, use a toothpick or the end of a dinner knife to scoop out the remaining portion into one of Nalgene's snap closure leak-proof vials. Also ideal for blush or eye shadows that have broken apart, these vials are easy to stash. Apply contents with a lip or small eye or blush brush and save both space and pennies by not throwing out valuable amounts of your favorite cosmetics.

So before your next flight or week of work or workouts begins, invest a small amount of time and money in these easy to use products and tips. You'll always look and feel your best on the go and wonder why you ever used to be without your favorite products.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Zinc Oxide, Nanotechnology and Cosmetics

A recent report about a group of researchers in NTU, Singapore, caught my attention and I decided to write something about nanotechnology in the cosmetics industry. The article, titled "Nano-sized chemical in sunscreen, cosmetics, could cause cancer, say scientists," was published November 29th on Yahoo News. A while after that, another group of researchers came up and said that this isn't true and that it isn't a cause for concern. So what should we believe?

Nanotechnology isn't new but it is a term that has been recently brought up time and again to raise awareness amongst the general public. People who have never heard of the term prior to recent months think that this is a great deal in the world of cosmetic research. And actually, it is. But not just in cosmetics and beauty. I find it highly ironic that the field of beauty and personal care should seemingly be the one that generates the most speculation and interest in nanotechnology because nanotechnology itself is extremely useful in many other areas of science as well. Cosmetic companies make use of this term to entice potential customers by making their products sound technologically advanced. What people don't realise is that nanotechnology is making waves too, in the field of biomedical science, such as finding a cure for cancer and treating illnesses via the non-invasive way.

In the article mentioned above, a group of scientists are telling us that zinc oxide in the nano form could be harmful and cause cancer. Now this could scare many people off beauty products that contain zinc oxide and while we could ask sales assistants whether these oxide particles are nano-sized, the chances are that they wouldn't know for sure. Yet, I say this is hardly any cause for concern. Firstly, the researchers are still in the initial stages of their research. This means that any findings they have are not substantial enough to warrant zinc oxide to be labelled as carcinogenic. Secondly, if you do some research on your own, you'll find that past scientific research have shown zinc oxide in the nanoparticle form to be anti-tumour agents targeting cancerous cells 1,2,3. So the real question should be: What is the difference between the various groups of cancer-causing and cancer-targeting nanoparticles of zinc oxide?

Because the research is not finished, experimental procedures cannot be revealed. What I'd like to know is why the scientists are announcing their current findings when the research has not yet been completed. Here they are, telling the world that zinc oxide could be cancer-causing and could be harmful. That's something like me telling you that chocolate cake you're about to eat could be contaminated and cause diarrhoea but that more people would have to eat it for us to know for sure (assuming I ate it and I had diarrhoea but I could just be lactose-intolerant). Perhaps they're really excited about their current results but don't go around telling people things you aren't 100% sure of yet. Why are these oxides causing cells in cell cultures to multiply and why are the oxides in Hanley's and Wang's studies doing the exact opposite? Is it the synthesis method? Delivery method? Variants in shape and size of the nanoparticles? Dosage? What are the differences in the intra- and intercellular interactions?

While nanotechnology in beauty products is a very interesting topic, and one that I can possibly write endlessly about, consumers have got to be more aware on their part of the properties of such ingredients and their capabilities where concerned. It can never be a bad thing to find out more about the things that you're putting on yourself, whether it's the latest liquid foundation or eye cream.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Maintaining Beauty With Cosmetic Surgery

To some, physical beauty if of the utmost importance and to others it is important but it isn't everything. Whether you care to admit it or not, beauty if of some importance in your life and as you age you want to ensure that you do not lose the beauty you were born with. Fortunately, for men and women that want to look your best, always, there is cosmetic surgery. Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic surgery is not the complete change of your looks; cosmetic surgery is as much about routine beauty maintenance as it is anything else.

Maintaining your beauty through the use of cosmetic surgery means simply utilizing what is available to you to prevent the signs of age, such as wrinkles. Surgical procedures are available that do not require any length of time in the hospital or any recovery at all, but do allow you to maintain your beauty.

Cosmetic Surgery

As you age, your skin begins to lose elasticity, which makes wrinkles appear. One of the most common procedures to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is botox injections. Botox is injected into the skin with a small needle; it then plumps up the skin beneath the wrinkle to make the wrinkle disappear or shrink significantly. Botox can help you to maintain your youthful beauty and appearance by making you appear years younger thanks to the disappearance of your wrinkles.

In addition, collagen injections are a cosmetic procedure used to maintain your beauty. Collagen injections make your lips appear fuller and more seductive, which can make you appear more beautiful and even younger at times.


While cosmetic procedures are used to maintain beauty, these procedures are much more effective on those that practice healthy living as well. Certain lifestyle choices can negatively affect your skin and appearance; unhealthy eating habits, a lack of exercise and smoking are just a few of the lifestyle choices you make that have negative effects on your appearance.

Life happens and aging is inevitable; there is nothing anyone can do to stop the aging process. However, you can slow it down by making the choice to live a healthy lifestyle. This will reduce the amount of wrinkles you have, make your skin look healthier and your body fitter. All of these things will help you to maintain your beauty much longer than those that choose to live in an unhealthy manner.

Using cosmetic procedures to maintain your beauty in accordance with a healthy lifestyle means you will need fewer treatments and will be able to go longer periods of time between treatments. However, cosmetic procedures will help you look better, younger and healthier than ever at any age.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tips to Buy Discount Fragrances and Cosmetics

Discount perfumes and cosmetics is an easy process for shoppers to save money on a fragrance or cosmetic they use regularly. Discount fragrances and cosmetics can also be purchased for special occasions. However, it completely depends on an individual if he really wants to wear products purchased at discount but there is nothing better than saving money and spending on things that are necessary. Cosmetics and fragrances are products that are mostly hanged on sale say fifty to seventy percent. Therefore, it is better to purchase fragrances and cosmetics at a lesser price than purchasing the same at a higher price. Presenting cosmetics or fragrances to your loved one can also be a great idea because most of the women simply love fragrances and cosmetics.

Women love to look good and sexy and their desire is to be stunningly impressive so that they can get admiration for their charm and great looks. When we talk about beauty of women, cosmetics and fragrances are something that first comes into picture because they not only help one to enhance the beauty of women but also personify her existence by making her look more attractive and impressive. There is no issues buying discount cosmetics and fragrances, in fact discount cosmetics are really good in quality and quantity both.

If you wish to buy discount cosmetics and fragrances you can check out the online stores for which you will of course need an internet connection. Simply type the name of the cosmetic or fragrance available at discount and compare few online stores to grab the best deal. However there are offline stores too that offer fragrances and cosmetics at discount price but in the offline markets, you don't get enough variety to choose from therefore, it s always better to search online.

Make sure to compare few fragrances and cosmetics in terms of price, brand and quality. Comparing will help you get the best offer and quality product. On the other hand, in store shopping has its own advantages. For example, while shopping in store you get an opportunity to bargain with the seller but when it comes to online shopping you cannot bargain, you simply have to choose your product and place the order. Another advantage of in store shopping is that you get to see and examine the product you want to buy whereas during online shopping you can only see an image of the product. at some point of view, these things matter less after all you are getting a nice fragrance and cosmetic at a discount price.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Use These Hair Care Tips For Beautiful and Shiny Hair

There are many products available to consumers in any budget to help maintain their hair. Here you'll find hair care tips for beautiful hair that you can buy or make at home. Making your products at home can save you bundles of money. In fact, they can be made at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them.

For those who choose to purchase their products, there are some things that they should be looking out for. For example, avoid all products that contain parabens, as there are some studies that show that they are linked to cancer. Furthermore, it is best to avoid those products that contain many preservatives and chemicals. Instead, opt for those that have more natural products inside the container.

As for budget, you can find shampoos, from about a dollar and up. Generally speaking, shampoos are not all created equally. For those that are in the lower bracket in cost, they are typically the same. One major difference is the scent. Then, there are those that cater to hear that has been colored or permed. Those are typically more expensive. And then there are specialty products that are made by high end salons and cosmetic companies.

That brings us to homemade products. For example, applying just dab of olive oil to damp hair can avoid frizzy hair. Applying a good amount to wet hair can act as a deep conditioner. Simply leave it on for half an hour or so and then rinse. You will notice your hair is beautifully soft and manageable right after.

Another great rinse for hair is mayonnaise. It is known to soften rough and bristle hair. In this case, you should apply about half a cup of mayonnaise, directly onto the hair, worked in very well. Apply a plastic bag over it and leave in for about half an hour. Then you can rinse it off thoroughly, and then shampoo.

Hair masks are the new rage. Salons offer them but can be quite expensive. Instead, you can do this right at your own home with honey and olive oil. It is recommended that a hair mask be applied on a weekly basis in order to keep your hair healthy.

Whatever the case that whatever your budget, there is no reason why you cannot have beautiful hair. For one thing, the multitude of products are available either at the drugstore, the grocery store or even online will simplify matters. For another thing, those who want to take the time can have gorgeous hair that they can make from products found in their own kitchen.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

How to Clean Professional Makeup and Cosmetics Brushes

If you wear makeup, you need to know how to clean makeup brushes. If you don't clean your make up brushes, you'll either wind up spoiling them and throwing them away, or they will mess up your clean, fresh look by changing the colors of your makeup. If you're not sure how to clean makeup brushes, don't worry; it's simple. The main thing is using the right type of cleaner for the kind of cosmetic brush you have. It's also most important to clean your makeup brushes frequently, so that there's very little build up on them.

Applying your make up correctly is at least as important as the quality of the makeup itself. Professional makeup artists take a lot of time smoothing, blending and brushing creams and powders into their clients' soon flawless faces. Great brushes help make perfect makeup possible.

What Materials and Hair Products are Brushes Made of?
Makeup brushes come in all sorts of materials, with the cheapest usually being made of sponge or plastic and the most expensive some sort of animal hair. High quality natural hair brushes used by professional models and painters are made of sable, and if you want a particular brush shape in an excellent quality brush, you can find them at art supply stores. Badger fur, pony hair and even squirrel hair are also used to make brushes. The best makeup, such as mineral makeup, will often come with a set of fine brushes: perfect application gives your makeup a beautiful soft finish.
The Importance of Properly Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Properly cleaning your makeup brushes will save you time, money and even your face! You will save time because clean makeup brushes make application easier, so that loose powder goes where you want it instead of clinging to an oily brush. You won't have to makeup as often because your makeup will be fresh - not contaminated with skin oils and old, oxidized colors. You'll save money by cleaning your makeup brushes because they will last longer, so you won't have to buy new ones. And you can save your face from breakouts associated with bacterial and oil build up on grimy old brushes. Five minutes a week, a little sudsy water, and your makeup brushes will stay fresh and new much longer. See a selection of inexpensive brush cleaner that will renew dirty cosmetics brushes.

Properly Cleaning Your Cosmetic Brushes Will Make Them Last Longer
Besides letting your brushes last longer (very important if you're going to buy more expensive, smoother brushes), if you know how to clean your make up brushes, you can minimize skin problems such as breakouts from accumulated oils or eye infections from mascara brushes. Hygiene is one reason that experts say never to share your makeup with a friend: you can transmit bacteria on the applicators. Cold sores, acne, rashes and staph germs can move easily from one makeup brush to another, so never borrow someone else's brush or powder puff. In fact, for people who apply makeup using their fingers, it's not even a good idea to wipe your fingers across someone else's blusher or eye shadow, because you're picking up bacteria from their fingers and skin.

How to Wash Your Make up Brushes Free of Bacteria
You can wash your makeup brushes in warm, soapy water, using an antibacterial soap, shampoo or a hand sanitizer. There are also special products for cleaning your makeup brushes. Lipstick brushes may need extra care because of the extra emollients in lip colors, which can make them sticky and hard to wash. Wash them with a gentle oil removing wash you may already use for your skin, and take your time, working out the lipstick from the brush bristles.

Shape brushes while wet and let them dry to preserve their smoothness. Lay them flat instead of standing them on end, or you will damage either the bristles or handle of the brush. Wash them gently, never scrubbing, or the hairs will start to come out. Follow any cleaning instructions that come with your makeup brushes in case they have special requirements. And if you can't make up your mind to commit to cleaning your brushes, you can always buy disposable sponge brushes and throw them away more frequently. Especially if you suffer from very oily skin or acne, make sure you're always using a clean makeup brush to minimize bacterial problems that may increase your skin trouble.

Dirty Makeup Brushes Carry Bacteria and Will Not Give You a Flawless Look
Whatever you do, don't use the same makeup brushes day in and day out without washing them. Aside from harboring bacteria, makeup pigments bind with the oils from your skin, making brushes sticky and dirty. Makeup colors can change, becoming darker or more orange due to oxidation and to mixing with skin oils or dust, making a mess of your daily makeup routine. Clean your brushes once a week to keep them working properly, and if a brush becomes stained or misshapen, throw it out and get a new one.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gum Lifts and Cosmetic Dentistry

People who try to improve their smile and overall dental anesthetics often end up going to the dentist however, in many cases a normal cleanup is not enough depicts all the problems that need to be addressed in order to get a perfect results, also known as a Hollywood smile. Patients who choose to upgrade their smile are referred to cosmetic dentists, they are in charge of changing the entire appearance of a patient's oral cavity in order to make it visually pleasing and socially acceptable.

There are many steps towards proper correction of the oral cavity, in some cases the agent only needs veneers which can be attached to the teeth in order to reshape and correct imperfections, in other cases a complete teeth whitening in conjunction with veneers is necessary to accomplish the ultimate goal but in other cases the job is not complete unless a patient opts to have a crown lengthening procedure, also known as gum lifts.

Crown lengthening has been around for quite some time now however in recent years cosmetic dentists to use this procedure in order to correct the gum line, and a patient would simply put it, the process of them teeth whitening and veneer application would not be complete if you're gum line is all over the place in other words, you can't have a beautiful smile if you're gum line isn't straight. And uneven gum line is easy to detect when a simple mirror inspection, if you see that in some teeth the gum line appears to be longer than in other teeth then the crown lengthening procedure would correct such problem.

Nowadays people want a perfect smile, one that does not show a great amount of pink, in other words gum. Due to the fact that this process was originally meant to treat gum diseases it not only provides the benefit of having a healthy gum line but it also improves the way our teeth look like evening up the appearance of our teeth.

A professional crown lengthening combined with teeth whitening and veneers are the best combination apply today in order to enhance a patient smile and promote oral health. The process of gum lifts has recently been perfected for cosmetic purposes, the price range of such procedure has also decreased providing the right financial conditions for people want to have a perfect smile.