Friday, November 15, 2013

Comforter Sets: The Cornerstone Of A Beautiful And Relaxing Bedroom

It is no accident that most home decorating shows dedicate a great deal of time to the subject of cosmetic makeovers for the bedroom. Americans are working longer hours than ever before, so fashioning a beautiful and tranquil space that will help you jettison the day's many stresses is vital if, like most, you are trying to hang on to some sanity and make the most of your very limited down time.

Of course, this is easier said than done: Redecorating is a snap if a bunch of experts swoop in and spend thousands to design a dazzlingly well-appointed room, but the rest of us have to muddle through on our own, usually with a very limited budget and all of the worries associated with trying to pull together a great look without spending a small fortune. Comforter sets may be the way to go: Coordinated fashionable linen ensembles allow cash-strapped decorators to make a splash without decimating an already fragile bank balance.

Queen bedding is not hard to find, but it definitely pays to do your homework, since prices for the same set can vary wildly from one online retailer to the next. A matched comforter ensemble that fits a standard queen bed usually includes both flat and fitted sheets as well as shams, and some add extras like skirting. Those beginning redecorating projects find many advantages to choosing bedding first, since decisions about paint color and accessories generally fall into place quickly once linens are chosen.

It is important to carefully consider the bedding's texture and care instructions before you run to fetch your credit card. More than a few shoppers have been disappointed by collections that were outwardly gorgeous but turned out to have the texture of heavy-grain sandpaper, so check the thread count before you commit to the purchase. If you are interested in a set that specifies dry-clean only, then make quite certain that you are willing to deal with the additional costs that will entail.

Once some of these general concerns have been addressed you can throw yourself wholeheartedly into the sheer fun of creating a brand new look for your space. Bedding collections are available in just about any color and style imaginable; with this in mind, give yourself plenty of time to browse. One fact that will become very apparent right away is that one of the hippest choices out there right now is black bedding.

Dressing a bed with linens that incorporate black to one extent or another always infuses the space with an elegant and very sophisticated feel. Better yet, because black matches everything, you will still be free to add as many other colors to the room as you desire. Regardless of whether you favor contemporary or more traditional decor--or something in between, for that matter--a handsome black bedding set will help you design a spectacular but blessedly affordable retreat.