Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty Supply Offers The Latest In Cosmetic Products

According to Sally Beauty's management staff, Sally Beauty Supply LLC opened its first retail store in New Orleans in 1964. Today it's the largest retailer of beauty supplies in the world. As a national chain it owns and operates 2,700 stores which are locate throughout the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Belgium, France and Spain. Its product line consists of over 6,000 professional quality beauty supplies for hair, makeup, salon equipment and just about every other need. Serving both consumers and professionals, Sally Beauty Supply Stores are conveniently located in urban locations and online.

Hair Products
For bright fun hair color you can apply directly - try Manic Panic. With colors like cobalt blue and Manic Panic purple haze, you can spice up your look with a maximum fun style. Spiked, straight, chunky or just plain old ordinary, you'll look exceptional with some brilliant highlights. While you're in the hair department, don't forget to stock up on shampoo and conditioner. You can treat yourself to exotic hair unguents without incurring onerous costs.

Eye Makeup
Nothing illuminates your face better than well applied eye makeup. You will find a delightful selection of mascara, shadows, concealers, liners, lashes, lash combs and glitter in Sally Beauty's make up isle or while shopping online. Why pay more when you can get an excellent product selection at wholesale prices? If you are doing a personal make over or just having some fun, check out this discount paradise before shopping anywhere else.

Moist voluptuous lips may be your make up goal. For a scrumptious appearance apply Claudia Stevens Lip and Lip Primer Base before your final lip color coat. It's a 2 in 1 primer that will both prevent color fading and increase the longevity of your lipstick application. Try it out for a super luscious look. Femme Couture Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour will give you the moist and appetizing look that will make your appearance a memorable one. Complete your lovely, lip look with Palladio Lip Liner Pencil. It features soft textured formula and glides on smoothly to define your natural lip line.

Do you want your nails to be fun, functional or fabulous? Maximize your nail's glamour with a look you'll be happy to flaunt everywhere you go. It's So Easy Hot Neon Nights Nail Art Kit in green, purple and red can be fun, freaky or both. This exuberant color collection can be mixed and matched for wonderful wow fashion flavor.

For more serious nail flair check out the Orly summer collection for the latest warm, hot and winsome colors for superior and sultry pagentry.

Spa and Body Products
Before you check out, don't forget to visit spa and body products. You deserve a relaxing and luxurious experience for all your hard work. Nourish your skin with products like Moroccan Argan Oil. As a bonus, it helps prevent wrinkles. It's also rich in vitamin E, fatty acids, squalene and carotene and also helps reduce dry skin by improving skin elasticity.

Sally Beauty Supply is your best go to source of neighbourhood beauty products. Quite often local shops have higher prices, but Sally Beauty shops have wholesale prices while retaining neighbourhood friendliness. If you're looking for competitive prices on professional beauty products and excellent customer service this is the place to shop.