Thursday, June 27, 2013

If you want to make girls laugh, there's one cardinal rule that you have to remember: every situation is different so choose the techniques that you deem most appropriate for the situation.
With that in mind, the tips below will help you make girls laugh but only if you use them at the right place and time.

Tip #1: Being self-deprecating works.
It's easier to make girls laugh if you're self-deprecating as opposed to being obnoxious and conceited. Sure, your date could be amused at how full of yourself you are but keep in mind she's having fun at your expense.

Top Tips to Make Girls Laugh
Top Tips to Make Girls Laugh
You want to make girls laugh for the right reasons, don't you? Then remember that arrogance is not the attitude to take. Neither, however, is self pity. There's a difference between being self-deprecating and pitying yourself so make sure you don't cross the line. If you do, your date will just think you're pathetic and whiny and she certainly won't go out with you again after that.

Tip #2: Don't try too hard.
You've no doubt heard this again and again, but you also fail again and again.
So let's try to keep it simple and specific, shall we? If you want to make girls laugh, you don't have to be anything but yourself. You don't need to be extra funny, extra smart or extra anything. You don't need to do anything cool, wicked, or unusual.

Don't try too hard
Don't try too hard
If you're thinking too hard about saying the right thing then you'll just sound the opposite: boring and definitely not funny.
So just let things flow naturally, have fun, and you'll be able to make girls laugh without even trying.

Tip #3: Do it for the right reason.
It helps to have the right motive. You'll be more inspired that way. It's not enough that you want your date to smile or laugh just because it will make you feel good about yourself. Hopefully, you also want her to smile because you want her to have a good time with you.
Do it for the right reason quotes
Do it for the right reason

Or maybe you caught her crying some time ago and you want to cheer her up. Or you know that she's had something bad happen to her and you want to give her another reason to look forward to tomorrow.

Tip #4: Get to know her better.
How do you know what makes her amused or not when all you know is how pretty she is or what her vital statistics are?
To understand what's more likely to make her smile than frown, you need to befriend her first. So yes, for now, you may have to forget about making her notice you as a guy. Strive hard to make her notice you first as a potential friend - as someone she won't mind spending the whole day with.
Get to know her better

Find out what her likes and dislikes are, and you're more likely to understand what she does and doesn't find funny.

Tip #5: Learn from experience.
Your first few attempts at making her smile could fall flat. Don't let it get you down. Learn from it instead and she's sure to appreciate your hard work.
learn from experience quotes
learn from experience quotes