Thursday, June 27, 2013

If you want to make girls laugh, there's one cardinal rule that you have to remember: every situation is different so choose the techniques that you deem most appropriate for the situation.
With that in mind, the tips below will help you make girls laugh but only if you use them at the right place and time.

Tip #1: Being self-deprecating works.
It's easier to make girls laugh if you're self-deprecating as opposed to being obnoxious and conceited. Sure, your date could be amused at how full of yourself you are but keep in mind she's having fun at your expense.

Top Tips to Make Girls Laugh
Top Tips to Make Girls Laugh
You want to make girls laugh for the right reasons, don't you? Then remember that arrogance is not the attitude to take. Neither, however, is self pity. There's a difference between being self-deprecating and pitying yourself so make sure you don't cross the line. If you do, your date will just think you're pathetic and whiny and she certainly won't go out with you again after that.

Tip #2: Don't try too hard.
You've no doubt heard this again and again, but you also fail again and again.
So let's try to keep it simple and specific, shall we? If you want to make girls laugh, you don't have to be anything but yourself. You don't need to be extra funny, extra smart or extra anything. You don't need to do anything cool, wicked, or unusual.

Don't try too hard
Don't try too hard
If you're thinking too hard about saying the right thing then you'll just sound the opposite: boring and definitely not funny.
So just let things flow naturally, have fun, and you'll be able to make girls laugh without even trying.

Tip #3: Do it for the right reason.
It helps to have the right motive. You'll be more inspired that way. It's not enough that you want your date to smile or laugh just because it will make you feel good about yourself. Hopefully, you also want her to smile because you want her to have a good time with you.
Do it for the right reason quotes
Do it for the right reason

Or maybe you caught her crying some time ago and you want to cheer her up. Or you know that she's had something bad happen to her and you want to give her another reason to look forward to tomorrow.

Tip #4: Get to know her better.
How do you know what makes her amused or not when all you know is how pretty she is or what her vital statistics are?
To understand what's more likely to make her smile than frown, you need to befriend her first. So yes, for now, you may have to forget about making her notice you as a guy. Strive hard to make her notice you first as a potential friend - as someone she won't mind spending the whole day with.
Get to know her better

Find out what her likes and dislikes are, and you're more likely to understand what she does and doesn't find funny.

Tip #5: Learn from experience.
Your first few attempts at making her smile could fall flat. Don't let it get you down. Learn from it instead and she's sure to appreciate your hard work.
learn from experience quotes
learn from experience quotes

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Natural Beauty and Skin Care Tips by Drinking Water

Do you know what water is the natural skin care for you? Do you know that drinking sufficient water can improve you skin appearance, making your skin smoother and more vibrant?

We all want smooth, soft, unblemished skin. There are many people now rely solely on just commercial skin care, plastic surgery or heavy cosmetic in order to look beautiful. This are not necessary true.

Water is the best natural skin care ingredients that our body needs.

Many people do not drink sufficient water as they are afraid of water retention. Some people do not drink enough water as they are too busy at work and do not have time to drink. These are all not healthy and very wrong idea.

It is important that we provide sufficient water to hydrate our skin cell such that it looks smoother and firmer. If we drink water correctly, not only it will not have water retention, we will make us looks much beautiful.

Our body needs at least 1500 cc of water each day. It will be best if we can drink 2000 cc of water. Develop a habit of drinking two big glasses of water in the morning will help our body to flush out all the waste in our body after one whole night of rest. After which, drinking a few mouthful of water every hour can provide enough water to our body.

This is the best habit for natural skin can health care. Water is the ultimate beauty product; dehydrated skin looks older than it is. Drink lots to keep your skin looking younger and more vibrant.

I'm now drinking my eight glasses (2000 cc) a day now, and am already seeing the positive effects of having smoother skin. I never realized how I avoided drinking water because it always tasted so bad, but now I like it - it tastes great!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty Supply Offers The Latest In Cosmetic Products

According to Sally Beauty's management staff, Sally Beauty Supply LLC opened its first retail store in New Orleans in 1964. Today it's the largest retailer of beauty supplies in the world. As a national chain it owns and operates 2,700 stores which are locate throughout the US, UK, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Belgium, France and Spain. Its product line consists of over 6,000 professional quality beauty supplies for hair, makeup, salon equipment and just about every other need. Serving both consumers and professionals, Sally Beauty Supply Stores are conveniently located in urban locations and online.

Hair Products
For bright fun hair color you can apply directly - try Manic Panic. With colors like cobalt blue and Manic Panic purple haze, you can spice up your look with a maximum fun style. Spiked, straight, chunky or just plain old ordinary, you'll look exceptional with some brilliant highlights. While you're in the hair department, don't forget to stock up on shampoo and conditioner. You can treat yourself to exotic hair unguents without incurring onerous costs.

Eye Makeup
Nothing illuminates your face better than well applied eye makeup. You will find a delightful selection of mascara, shadows, concealers, liners, lashes, lash combs and glitter in Sally Beauty's make up isle or while shopping online. Why pay more when you can get an excellent product selection at wholesale prices? If you are doing a personal make over or just having some fun, check out this discount paradise before shopping anywhere else.

Moist voluptuous lips may be your make up goal. For a scrumptious appearance apply Claudia Stevens Lip and Lip Primer Base before your final lip color coat. It's a 2 in 1 primer that will both prevent color fading and increase the longevity of your lipstick application. Try it out for a super luscious look. Femme Couture Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour will give you the moist and appetizing look that will make your appearance a memorable one. Complete your lovely, lip look with Palladio Lip Liner Pencil. It features soft textured formula and glides on smoothly to define your natural lip line.

Do you want your nails to be fun, functional or fabulous? Maximize your nail's glamour with a look you'll be happy to flaunt everywhere you go. It's So Easy Hot Neon Nights Nail Art Kit in green, purple and red can be fun, freaky or both. This exuberant color collection can be mixed and matched for wonderful wow fashion flavor.

For more serious nail flair check out the Orly summer collection for the latest warm, hot and winsome colors for superior and sultry pagentry.

Spa and Body Products
Before you check out, don't forget to visit spa and body products. You deserve a relaxing and luxurious experience for all your hard work. Nourish your skin with products like Moroccan Argan Oil. As a bonus, it helps prevent wrinkles. It's also rich in vitamin E, fatty acids, squalene and carotene and also helps reduce dry skin by improving skin elasticity.

Sally Beauty Supply is your best go to source of neighbourhood beauty products. Quite often local shops have higher prices, but Sally Beauty shops have wholesale prices while retaining neighbourhood friendliness. If you're looking for competitive prices on professional beauty products and excellent customer service this is the place to shop.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Beauty and Simplicity of Natural Beauty Products

Natural beauty products are a way that any woman can get the things she needs to enhance her look, but without using products that are formulated with harsh, man-made chemicals. There is careful consideration for the ingredients that go into creating natural cosmetics, which make them a good investment for those that want to stay away from synthetic products that may do more harm than good.

The power of minerals is often utilized in natural beauty products. Minerals are a basic substance found in the earth, and are used in everything, including all natural makeup. The most common mineral elements included in mineral powder foundation and other mineral makeup products include zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and mica. These minerals are also found in regular makeup, but with natural cosmetics, you are spared from the additional harsh, chemical irritants. Mineral eyeshadow and foundation make up only contain the minerals and other natural ingredients. This provides a way for those with bad acne or sensitive skin to use makeup and not have to worry that the cosmetics may be contributing to or worsening the problem.

Those that are not convinced that a mineral blush and other natural beauty products can be helpful should read a list of common ingredients typically found in cosmetic products. Anyone that looks at these lists will find a host of synthetic dyes, fragrances, and unnecessary preservatives. Women who have sensitive skin may be irritated by one or more of these chemicals, making the condition worse.

Women that choose to use natural beauty products have the advantage of receiving a lighter makeup that still offers that natural glow. And mineral makeup is just as long-lasting as the rest. That is why many women have made the switch from beauty products filled with chemicals to utilize the power of all natural mineral ingredients. Mineral makeup has also reached the point of popularity where women don't have to shell out a fortune to get these natural ingredients. Natural cosmetics are a healthy and worthwhile investment in your beauty.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Emulsifiers and Their Significant Uses in the Food and Cosmetic Industry

Emulsifiers have a significant role in the food industry because they help in the preservation of the freshness of food and in achieving the desired texture of these preserved foods. There are natural emulsifiers such as eggs, milk, and mustard but most foods, though, need emulsifiers to preserve their freshness. Examples of these foods are ice cream, yogurts, icings and salads dressings.

Health and beauty products need emulsifiers too. This is because emulsifiers are also important in bath and body products by acting as a polar or non-polar component of perfumes with or without oils. There are polar scents that are water based, and non-polar scents, which are oil based. The polar based are easily dissolved in water, while the non-polar are insoluble in water.

The polar based are called aqueous and are hydrophilic (water-loving), while the non-polar based, consisting of fragrances and scents, are hydrophobic (water-hating) or lipophilic (non-polar). A separation usually occurs between these polar and non-polar chemicals and this is where emulsifiers come in. Their role as a binding agent can never be discounted.

Adding an emulsifier would allow the mixture of both the water and oil based preparations to create a homogenous solution. The emulsifier can do this because it has a head that is hydrophilic and a tail that is lipophilic. This makes it possible for the production of a stable emulsion between the polar and non-polar substances. Without the emulsifier, water and oil-based mixtures would never be able to mix.

Aside from acting as a binding agent between hydrophilic and lipophilic substances, emulsifiers could also act as crystallization inhibitors, starch-complexing substances, and aerating chemicals. They have multiple importances in several fields. Their role between polar and non-polar substances is also essential to the production of stable emulsions.

These emulsions are classified into oil and water. The oil in water emulsion is characterized by droplets of oil dispersed in a greater volume of water. The emulsifier coats the oils so that they could mix with the water. On the other hand, the water in oil emulsion is the opposite of the first type. The water droplets are dispersed into the greater volume of water. The emulsifier coats the water with its lipophilic substance so that the water droplets could mix with the oil creating a stable solution.

Knowing these two types of emulsions would be vital in producing creams, lotions and other health and beauty products. Emulsifiers make it possible to produce these two significant products for the effective and maximum use of man.

In oiled-based recipes, the oil comes in contact with the skin first because the water is encased within the oil immersion. This is advantageous when the oil needs to come in contact with the skin first to optimize its beneficial effects.

In water-based preparations, the water comes in contact with the skin first, allowing moisture to enter the skin. This is good when one of the purposes of the emulsion is to moisturize the skin. Either way, emulsifiers play a crucial role in ensuring that these products are stable and effective.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dazzle Up Your Newborn Girl in the Best Baby Clothes

Daughters are precious. They are the angels that light up every moment of our lives.Not only they are absolutely cute but you can doll them in a variety of outfits,accessories and yes even the latest fashions.

Dazzle Up Your Newborn Girl in the Best Baby Clothes
the Best Baby Clothes
So how to dress up your newborn princess in the unique and best clothing available in the market? Little Victoria, Britney or Rihanna - You probably have too many ideas popping up in your head in the moment. From unique rompers to sequin leggings to pettiskirts there are many unique baby stores and designers to meet all your needs. Let's review some of the best and unique ideas to make your newborn look like a complete superstar.

Little diva in Pettiskirts/Tutus
A Pettiskirt or a tutu features feather light layers of delicate chiffon material incredibly designed for your little one. This ensemble is perfect for the first picture of your newborn girl, her first family picture or any other occasion. If you are looking for really unique and fashionable clothes for a special occasion, you must check out small retailers like Psycho baby online that specialize in providing funky and flashy clothing for kids.

Little diva in Pettiskirts/Tutus
Little diva in Pettiskirts

Cutesy in Rompers
While finding unique clothing for your baby girl, the first thing you look for is comfort. In the first few months, your newborn is likely to spend maximum time in her crib and much less outdoors. So if you are looking for more functional clothing for your girl,a romper would be an ideal choice.
Cutesy in Rompers
Cutesy in Rompers

A romper is a perfect outfit for spring/summer outings and casual occasions. There are many online stores that provide a unique blend of romper patterns and materials suited to your choices. Come rain or shine, morning or evening, your baby will look the cutest in these outfits.
Cutesy in Rompers
The Cutesy in Rompers

Party girl in Skeggings and pleat dress
Little girls and mamas all love to wear this beautifully tailored pleat dress. It is indeed a stylish and great wear for dressy occasions and parties. Dressing up your girl in this garment will definitely knock some socks off the audience.

Party girl in Skeggings and pleat dress
                Party girl in Skeggings and pleat dress
Another great outfit to wear at a party are the skeggings. Skeggings are the fusion of fashion leggings and a touch of skirt overlay tailored into a single garment. So gear up to adore your party girl as she dazzles in those skeggings and pleat dress.

Smiley baby in Newborn gown and Diaper sets
The everyday clothes that your girl wears need to be cute and affordable. The rate of everyday wear and tear of an infant's clothes is somewhat high and often the clothes need a quick change.A newborn diaper set or gown match well for a daily infant routine.Many standard retailers like Old Navy provide cute and pocket friendly clothing for your kid suited much for her everyday needs.
Smiley baby in Newborn gown and Diaper sets
Smiley baby in Newborn gown and Diaper sets

Finding suitable and unique clothing isn't a hard nut to crack. Firstly, you need to decide what exactly you want for your newborn. If you wouldn't mind spending some extra bucks, you can whole heatedly opt for those designer brands else you can always shop at the standard retailers that do provide the best and trendy clothing sometimes.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Many Beautiful and Natural Benefits of Visiting a Day Spa

It seems as if every day in modern society is filled with one stress after another. When you spend time at your city day spa, you can get away from it all and let yourself be a little pampered. In addition to the many excellent, non-invasive, natural beauty treatments offered at your local day spa, you will enjoy being treated like a queen for a day with fluffy towels and robes, all natural cosmetics, and a friendly, knowledgeable, helpful staff whose job it is to help you feel great!

Massage is a wonderful way to relax and release tension in the muscles and the mind. It is also excellent for the central nervous system and for improving blood circulation. A weekly visit to a day spa for a professional massage will help rid your system of waste and toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. If you have been experiencing aches and pains, or if you are recovering from an illness, you will feel 100% better after a relaxing, professional massage at your city day spa.

Hydrotherapy is the therapy of water, and it is a fantastic way to release excess energy and refresh your body and mind. Whether you choose swimming, relaxing in a Jacuzzi, taking the steam or all three, you are sure to emerge feeling completely renewed.

When you enjoy hydrotherapy, it has a very positive effect on the blood vessels, relieves muscle stiffness and aches, and stimulates the natural production of endorphins, which relieve pain and help you feel contented and happy. Hydrotherapy is as effective as muscle relaxants, if not more so, and it's so much better for you! An application of natural face cream while enjoying a steam bath is a great natural beauty treatment!

Visiting a day spa is like a mini-vacation. Taking a day to enjoy a steam bath, a massage, and other non-invasive beauty treatments really sets your mind at ease and releases stress and tension while leaving you feeling refreshed and pampered thanks to careful, professional, natural health and beauty treatments.

Many day spas also offer phytotherapy, which is the use of all-natural herbal and plant-based preparations to help balance hormone levels without the unpleasant and often dangerous side effects of prescription medications. The use of just the right combination of natural plant extracts can help heal and restore the natural hormonal balance of women in menopause or those experiencing hormone imbalances for some other reason. Gentle, safe and natural phytotherapy can, and should, be used both for prevention and as a gentle, natural treatment for hormone related difficulties.

After a day at the spa, you will go home feeling rested, relaxed and beautiful. You'll be ready for a quiet - perhaps romantic - evening and a good night of deep and restful sleep. If you usually use medication for sleep, you will probably be able to forego it after a day at the spa. If you visit your day spa regularly, you may be able to forego it altogether. The combination of massage, hydrotherapy, and simple relaxation will work wonders to help you relax and feel calmer. If you have been troubled by headaches or other tension related illnesses, you are very likely to see a reduction in them when you visit your day spa often.

Many day spas offer a health and fitness program that helps you get into the habit of regular, light exercise and healthful eating. The professionals at your day spa can provide you with good information and support to help you shape up and lose weight pleasantly without dangerous drugs.

When you visit your city day spa on a regular basis, you will enjoy a great variety of benefits. The holistic natural treatments you receive will renew your body, mind and spirit and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the challenges of your everyday life beautifully and naturally!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Natural Beauty - Meet the Makers

Going green has never been sexier-or easier-thanks to the growing number of cosmetics manufacturers dedicated to producing quality products made with non-toxic ingredients. As an added bonus, many of these products have never been tested on animals (aka, "cruelty-free"), which proves that you can be socially responsible and drop-dead gorgeous at the same time.

Not sure which brand is your perfect fit? Here are five of our favorites:

1. Stript. Gina Austin founded Stript cosmetics to give discerning customers the "eco-sexy" option they crave. Stript products for the eyes, face, and lips skip the parabens, artificial oils, and fragrances in favor of all-natural, vegan ingredients, such as marine botanicals, green tea, and micro-fiber cotton with specially milled mica that diffuses light and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. For beautiful lips, try the Stript Lipstick Liner pencil in sheer peach (Holly) or pink (Clover).

2. bareMinerals. Bare Escentuals CEO Leslie Blodgett pioneered the bareMinerals line of natural cosmetics in 1995 with the idea that "less is more" when it comes to ingredients. The complete line of products-including the popular Original SPF 15 Foundation-gives you all of the protection and coverage you need without the preservatives and chemicals you don't.

3. neuLash. Eyelashes are subject to all sorts of stressors-not to mention the aging process-that can damage their structure over time. Enter neuLash, an eyelash enhancer made from essential proteins and vitamins that work together to bring you healthier and fuller-looking eyelashes in just 30 days. The best news? The serum is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free.

4. Sara Happ. Self-described "beauty junkie" Sara Happ took to her kitchen in 2005 to concoct the perfect solution for soft and supple lips using natural ingredients like cocoa powder, jojoba-seed oil, and grape-seed oil. Thus, the lip scrub was born, and it is now available in a variety of luscious flavors such as cocoa, peppermint, and vanilla bean. For the finishing touch, try the lip slip, a paraben-free hydrating gloss that gives your pout the perfect finish and shine.

5. Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. With her background in film and television, Jane Iredale, founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, was inspired to develop a cosmetics line that not only provides perfect coverage but is also healthy for the skin. The complete collection is cruelty-free, anti-inflammatory, and paraben- and talc-free-making it a safe option for those with sensitive skin or conditions like acne or rosacea. For a flawless, sunkissed glow this spring, try Dream Tint SPF 15 tinted moisturizer.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Enhancing Our Natural Beauty - Duwop Cosmetics And Voluspa Products

Looking our best can be quite challenging these days. With all the stress we have to go through every single day, it can be quite difficult to keep up with the demands of being beautiful. However, this does not mean we can no longer enhance the natural beauty that we have. We might be too busy to stop by the nearest spa for a relaxing treat or to the nearest beauty parlor to update how we look; but we can always bring the spa and the beauty salon into our very own home. How is this possible? Through using products developed by beauty and wellness experts, just like DuWop cosmetics and Voluspa candles.

One of the best weapons we can turn to in making ourselves look like a star or celebrity is makeup. With the help of best makeup products, like those from DuWop, we can certainly enhance the natural beauty that we have. If we combine this with proper or expert use of makeup, we can truly look like celebrities or movie stars on our own. And we can do so without spending a lot of time and money in beauty salons. We simply need to take time to put on the right amount and color of makeup for the occasion.

So we have found the solution for our face but what about our body? To look beautiful, we must also feel beautiful. This is why many of us spend time at the spa so we can experience quite a relaxing and rejuvenating massage. But with the hectic schedules we have, we cannot just go even to the nearest spa anytime we want to. However, we can always bring the spa into our own home through lighting scented candles or incense sticks and laying out scented waxes, like those from Voluspa.

These are only a couple of ways on how we can feel good and look beautiful, in spite of our busy schedules. We might not be able to go to the spa or beauty salon everyday but we can always make ourselves beautiful anytime we want to - thanks to wellness and beauty products developed by the experts.

In choosing the products to use, it always helps to consider using those with natural ingredients. In this way, we can truly say we look and feel good naturally. And keep in mind that we need not spend a lot to look like a million dollars.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Difference Between Aesthetic Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry

Really these terms Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry should be synonymous, but often they are not really the same. In my opinion for dentistry to be truly aesthetic it must appear natural and in harmony with a patients other teeth and face. All too often patient's smiles are made over in a cosmetic but not natural way. The restored smiles call attention to the restorations and say look at me! Look how bright my teeth are, look how uniform my teeth are. This is what some patients' want- uniform and bright white smile. It may not look completely natural, but that isn't the point.

Just as when a woman has bright highlights placed in her hair it calls attention to her beautiful hair, cosmetic dentistry can call attention to a patient's beautiful smile and highlight the smile. This is a great idea, but if the restored smile is perceived as naturally belonging to the patient then it is even more attractive. Tooth shapes must be natural both in shape and color. There must be a blending of a patient's natural teeth with restored teeth. If a patient is not restoring their bicuspids then often bleaching must be part of the treatment plan for a truly aesthetically restored smile. Also even though straight and perfectly aligned teeth are in general desired aesthetically restored smiles shouldn't have a perfect alignment, but instead must have edges and tooth alignments with some pleasing variation. Too much symmetry can look static and fake, so truly aesthetic smiles must have some variation in shapes and alignments. The teeth themselves should not be completely monochromatic and should have some translucency close to the edges.

Some ceramicists are loath to introduce variations in alignment and edge positions because they are afraid the case will be found to be unsatisfactory by the patient or the dentist and this is why much cosmetic dentistry has almost a 'cookie cutter" appearance. All the teeth are the same somewhat opaque bright white color and all the alignments are straight, without variation. These smiles are not examples of 'aesthetic' dentistry.

To achieve a truly aesthetic result, often a cosmetic dentist must not be afraid to try out a look - a mock up or dress rehearsal so to speak and make sure the patient likes it. This dress rehearsal should incorporate some pleasing variations in edge position and teeth alignments and once approved by the patient the technician creating the porcelain laminates or crowns must be willing to copy the mock up models when creating a new smile for the patient. Sometimes this can be time consuming, but good work take time and the aesthetic smile that results is usually worth it!