Monday, May 6, 2013

Common Beauty Issues For Women and How to Avoid Them

There are many beauty issues women complain about that are unknowingly self inflicted. For example, many women acquire tiny white bumps in their under eye area. It is extremely common, especially for women that use skin care products. Not to say that we should avoid using skin care systems. No matter how much time and money you invest in skin care, if you use the products incorrectly or in excess you may have created this side effect.

The small white bumps are called milia bumps. They often appear when products such as moisturizers, night creams and eye creams are used in excess or the formulas are just too rich for your skin. The thin skin around the eyes can only absorb so much moisture and the excess product clusters under the skin and can not be released since there are no pores in the eye area. Milia bumps are also common on newborn babies as a result of the being in the womb and their skin absorbing the embryonic fluid.

If you have visible bumps in the under eye area you can improve the problem. The first thing to do is to prevent it from getting worse by stopping use of all products near the eyes that is not meant for the eye area and by using the right amount of products in the right places. The size of a pea for a facial moisturizer or night cream is all that is necessary. Warm the cream between your fingertips and evenly pat a thin coat over the face avoiding the circular eye area from eyebrows to top of cheekbone. The amount of eye cream applied once a day is slightly smaller then a grain of uncooked rice. Most women use double or triple that amount and often apply it more then the recommended once a day. A moisturizing or firming eye cream should be applied sparingly once a day in a tapping motion starting at inner eye and tapping outwards towards the ears along the bone, not in the eye socket. The heat from rapid eye movement (blinking) will allow the eye cream to travel as it penetrates, absorbing where it's needed most. Applying creams too close to the lash line will cause the product to travel into the eyeball which can cause blurred vision, irritation and redness.

Getting rid of millia bumps is takes much longer than it did to create them. Speeding up exfoliation of the skin is the best action to smooth out the skin. Peels or extractions from a Dermatologist or Nurse Practitioner will get faster results if you are impatient. Services from Esthetician are much milder versions therefore can not offer the same results yet sometimes can be just as costly. Use of an eye cream with alpha hydroxy acids may also be beneficial to improve milia bumps.