Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Get a Girl's Attention Without Looking Like a Dead Zombie in the Woods

The only way to get a girl's attention is to show enough confidence and strike a decent and funny conversation. Girl's like funny guys. Before you go to the funny part though, you must learn how to get her to look at you.

How to Get a Girl's Attention Without Looking Like a
Girls like funny guys.

 o Smile at her.
You know that kind of smile. Not the psycho smile. She will probably run if she sees you licking your lips as you make eye contact. A soft, friendly smile will be nice. This won't get you to first base but it will surely get a girl's attention and if you are lucky enough, she might smile back. Strike a conversation by then. Not about cars but about the weather will be fine.

o Wink at her.
Oh, not the macho-man wink, alright. Smile as you wink and don't close your eyes too much. Avoid opening your mouth as you wink as well. That is just a no-no. If she responds in any way you think is positive, go talk to her.

o Make a small wave at her.
Simple gestures such as this will get a girl's attention in a good way. Make that wave small, you are not hailing a cab or something.

o Confident enough? Try the direct approach.
Go directly to her and say hello. You can ask random questions. If you are in class, ask her what she thinks of the topic. You can even crack a small joke but if you are too nervous, don't even bother. A fail joke will just make your reputation go downhill.

o You don't have to talk to her for hours on first day.
You can cut it off now and ask if you can see her again. You have made her smile, you have made her laugh - that's enough to get a girl's attention and make her eager to see you again.
To get a girl's attention, you must be brave enough to start off your quest in a way she will think about when she goes to bed tonight. Just be nice and decent.