Saturday, March 9, 2013

How to Ask a Girl Out - Tips on Asking a Girl Out

Its a fact that there are a lot more single women out there than men.  So whats the problem here?  Why is it so many men don't know how to ask a girl out?  Men get rejected often and this is what makes them stop trying.  A lot of guys give out their phone number instead of getting hers.  Do you do this and why?  You do this because if she calls you then you don't risk the chance of rejection you may get if you call her and she blows you off.  The truth of the matter is a lot of girls give out their numbers to be polite.  No wonder guys are getting lazier when it comes to approaching women.  Its really a simple concept when it comes to asking a girl out.

How to Ask a Girl Out
Tips on Asking a Girl Out

Lets say for every 100 women you meet 20 of them are actually:
  •  Single
  •  Emotionally Stable
  •  Able to carry on an interesting conversation
  •  Not stuck up
  •  Not psycho
So those 80 rejected you and you get discouraged.  It affects your attitude and  then you are not on your game when you do come across the 20.  The key is to not take the 80 personally.  Its gets difficult because your mind frame starts to expect the women to be not single, not emotionally stable, not able to carry on a conversation, stuck up and psycho.
The secret here is to approach every woman that you meet with it in your mind that she is all of the above.  But let's say that you were "playing it cool", not saying anything that might offend or appear "too forward", and generally treating her like she was probably married or had a boyfriend. You'd probably be trying to figure out if she was
single, not really paying attention to what you were saying, and you might finish up by saying, "So, can I take you out to dinner sometime?" And what is this hot, smart, desirable woman thinking while you're acting like a dork? Right...she's thinking that you're a dork. Duh.

 secret approach every woman
 secret approach every woman

 The solution is to use a little technique called behaving as if she's single, available, and interesting.   You must learn to overcome your initial self-doubt and your doubts about a woman, and behave as if every woman you start talking to is single and as if she's going to be the one most interesting woman ever.   You must do the things that will attract that woman, and forget about the rest.  You must learn to not take the things that happen in between meeting the wonderful ones personally.