Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to Date Girls That Are Wild

If you are new to dating or are striking out a lot lately, maybe it's time to review some tips on how to date girls. Let's assume that you want to date some really wild girls! You don't want a princess. You want the biker chick, the psycho, the bad girl, and maybe even the fugitive. They may be a handful but they tend to be the most passionate of lovers. Besides, there's never a dull moment when you date a wild child! Here are four tips that can help you.

about approaching your psycho chick
about approaching your psycho chick

First, be very bold about approaching your psycho chick and expressing your interest. In considering how to date girls, the approach is very important. Try and mirror her personality when making your move. If she is very blunt, then you should be very blunt. If she likes to play games, then play a few mind games with her. What matters is that you express your interest and let her know you are always an option.

Second, do not be intimidated. Wild girls don't have time for wimps. You must show yourself as a strong man that can handle her mood swings, crazy urges and overall weird behavior. If she starts teasing you (or perhaps even disrespecting you) then do it right back to her, showing you can put up a good fight. Part of understanding how to date girls is learning how to push her buttons, just as she will inevitably learn to push yours.

If she thinks she's "all that" in the looks department then remind her that you're not easily impressed. Use a "neg-hit" (a sort of back-handed compliment guys give to girls to make them self-conscious about their looks or fashion style) Whenever you joke or tease, always be friendly, and continue to hit on her, making your intentions clear. Never back down from intense eye contact. This chick thrives on intensity so you want to ask for more in everything you do.

Need more tips on how to date girls that are nuts? Then elevate the drama and tension. If she likes drama then use a push/pull system of showing interest and then backing away. Unpredictability is good and will keep her thinking about you. She likes drama, so try to be a brat as much as possible. If you really want to make her go psycho (and possibly back into your arms) then start dating one of her friends (or any woman, really) and make sure she knows about it.