Beauty Products - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

If you are looking for professional beauty products, HUB makeup is now available at very competitive industry prices and is a composition artist's haven. After almost immediate success online and in stores in Brisbane and Melbourne Australia, HUB Makeup has now successfully expanded to Sydney Australia, and will be opening their 3rd retail store on Oxford Street where Paddington's boast the height of the fashion industry. When top quality composition is hard to find, HUB Makeup is still tops and continues to exceed and meet industry needs with exciting and new beauty brands that are still one of the very best in the industry.

Hub carries the entire range and is the premium supplier of Gorgeous Cosmetic products in addition to HUB's most popular brands such as Ben Nye and new beauty products Sydney, brands that include Butter London. The Sydney HUB outlet offers creative services that include air brush makeup lessons, character composition applications and body painting. In addition the complete listing of Gorgeous Cosmetics in-store beauty and make up services are offered exclusively to HUB Makeup Sydney. It is well-known in the makeup industry that HUB Makeup is experts in their field and is termed as best kept secret makeup artists that provide specialized training and hands on advice to clients. For the same price tag, the Sydney shop is now open to the public, as previously was only open to industry, to purchase from an array of beauty brands and premium makeup, no matter if you're a makeup artist or not, in celebration of HUB Makeup Sydney's launch. HUB Makeup is a worldwide beauty emporium that was founded by a renowned Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist David McConnell in 2009. Core caters for both beauty and makeup enthusiasts and industry makeup professionals and continues to exceed and meet the industry needs with products ranging from styling and hair care tools, makeup kits, accessories, cases and cosmetics. Hop online and visit HUB's online shop to view the spectacular range of products and spectacular affordable price range.

Mo matter what makeup needs you have, you are guaranteed to find the product at core Makeup Sydney, as well as in Melbourne and Brisbane. For those of you that want to join the fashion industry and become makeup artists, core Makeup will provide you with the very best training you would expect from this high-end exclusive industry. Makeup artistry speaks for itself as it is a very lucrative and sought after profession worldwide. The Sydney HUB Makeup launch is a must for makeup artists and the general public.

Where to Look for Organic Beauty Products

Friday, August 29, 2014

Organic beauty products are becoming a lot more popular these days and it's all because of the healthy natural way that they help and nourish your skin when you use them. People have found themselves switching to healthier alternatives for just about every aspect of their lives in an attempt to improve their bodies and do their part for the environment. Organic products are produced naturally without the use of any harmful chemicals that would otherwise affect your skin negatively, and sometimes affect the environment negatively because they leave harmful by-products as a result of their use in the production process. In order to be considered an organic product they need to have organic ingredients of a 70 percent concentration or higher. No pesticides, and insecticides should be used and the process to manufacture them should follow a natural process as well.

It's important to confirm the authenticity of the claims for organic products and in most cases a registered governing body would have to list the beauty products with them as a certified product. They should be cruelty free and no animals should be affected by their production as these are important factors that you would often find being minimum criteria for any vegans and vegetarians. Make-up and cosmetics that are produced from natural sources need to be confirmed to be organic in order to be ratified as a completely natural product.

You should always inquire about the packaging and check to see if they have listed that there was no animal testing done in the manufacture of the product you are about to buy. An all natural product will often spoil quickly because it does not contain anything to preserve it, so you need to ensure that it is properly sealed to keep it for longer. Tubes and containers that have a pumping mechanism keep the products air tight and will only be opened when you use them. If you can find those then your natural products will last a lot longer without compromising its natural appeal.

Checking to see if the product has been genetically modified has also been a problem with some of the items you buy, and so you should take precaution to prevent buying them. If you still feel uncertain with some of these "natural" products you can always go for the real thing and smear real avocado onto your face and body.

As long as you keep a keen eye out for any of the fake natural products you will continue to do your part for the environment and be well on your way to a healthier, happier skin.

Mineral Makeup - Healthy, Beautiful Natural Cosmetics!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mineral makeup has quickly become accepted as an alternative to oil and chemical based cosmetics. Healthier for your skin, mineral makeup provides luscious tones and colors, while providing UVB and UVA protection, sustained effectiveness and products we're used to - eye shadow, concealers, foundation, blushes, and shimmers and bronzers.

Women using mineral makeup have seen reduction in skin rashes, rosacea and acne, blemishes, and have found that their skin is not as prone to pre-mature aging resulting from free-radical damage. Not only does mineral makeup not contain any of the bad chemicals that other makeup does, it also helps to protect the skin from the sun and other harmful things in our environment.
When considering any cosmetics, it is not only important to understand the effects on your face and skin, but to understand how your personal skin type or condition can effect tone, wrinkles lines and discoloration.
There is not one person whose skin is like anyone else. The skin's condition changes from time to time making it different from one day to the next. Several factors will assist the skin with this to include the weather, the stress or emotions you feel, the diet, and the overall health of the person.
For women, hormonal changes can also play havoc with the condition of the skin. This is why it is so important for women in general to find the right cosmetics for their personal skin type.
Oily Skin Tones
Oily skin requires a foundation that will not cause the pores to be blocked. Cream foundations, eyeshades, and rouge will get into the pores and stop the pores form working properly. The result is more oil, infection and bacteria build-up. Powder, natural cosmetics and mineral makeup foundation are a better choice and can actually help to soak up the oils and help to keep the face oil free.
Combination Skin Tones
Combination skin is usually a mix between oily and normal skin. This skin type may find it useful to apply a normal foundation on the cheeks and the chin and another for oily skin in the T-zone or the area across the forehead and down the nose. If you have a dry area, a good moisturizer can be applied to this area only. If you apply it to the oily area, it might make things worse. Any type of eyeshades and rouge can be used unless the area is oily and then it is again best to stay clear of creams.
Sensitive Skin Tones
Sensitive skin can be inflamed, sore, and red. It is advised that sensitive skin sufferers use special makeup free of chemicals and irritants such as color and fragrance. It might be a good idea to be as minimal with the cosmetics as possible to allow the skin to be its natural self.
Mineral cosmetics may also be a great choice because they are completely organic (a misnomer - mineral makeup is actually inorganic) and radical free. Those suffering from acne prone skin and blemishes can also use these tips to clear the skin.
Lightweight and very small, mineral pigment particles bind to clean, moisturized skin providing not only effective coverage and protection, but warm and brilliant hues for highlighting skin color.  It does not slide off, sweat off, or wear off.  Some people have even said they can swim in it and it does not come off.  Another benefit is it is good makeup for sensitive skin.
Mineral makeup is also anti-inflammatory and is rarely found to clog pores or enable infection or irritation. Two of the common ingredients in mineral makeup are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. They are both anti-inflammatory and actually help to calm the skin.  Mineral makeup is also good for the skin because it does not contain oil or any fragrances
Normal Skin Tones
Those with normal skin should use a light moisturizing product and can wear just about any other cosmetic of their choosing. Normal skin is not without its moments of dryness and oil but these usually clear up on their own and cause no problems. Normal skin needs minimal care but should not be overlooked as age can come in and rob it of its beauty.
Understanding your skin type and needs are the first step towards effective skin care and your choice of cosmetics. Mineral makeup has numerous benefits, but the most important are they are healthy for your skin and give you rich color and effective protection. Mineral makeup and natural cosmetics are inorganic and contain little or no moisture, bacteria cannot grow and generally no preservatives are needed.  It works on everyone and in any climate, even with extreme humidity.
So, whether it is natural eye shadow, foundation, concealers, blushes or shimmers and bronzers, cosmetic makeup gives you a wide selection of colors and tones as well as healthy functionality.